Once an individual is charged or arrested, the speedy trial clock starts ticking.  There is no firm deadline under the federal provision for a speedy trial provided by the 6th Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Florida provides its citizens with additional protections. Motion to Dismiss | Speedy Trial The Sixth Amendment Speedy Trial! Not […]

Motion for Depositions

Motion for DepositionsMotion for Deposition Florida is one of the few states that permits depositions in criminal matters. As an attorney, I would encourage more states to permit taking depositions in criminal matters. Depositions close cases. In most circumstances, a deposition lets one side know that this is not a good case for trial. In […]

Motion to Withdraw Capias Motion to Withdraw Capias Florida Courts definitely love their Latin phrases.  The English translation for the Latin word “capias” is “that you take.”  It is a descriptive term for many different types of writs.  All of the writs have one thing in common and that is to take a person into custody. […]