Drug Chart II

When a police officer identifies something that he or she believes to be an illegal drug, visual identification is typically not good enough to make an arrest.  As always, different jurisdictions have different rulings on that topic.  Some jurisdictions say “everybody knows what marijuana looks like” while others still require a field test.  In the jurisdictions requiring a field test, the officer must form a preliminary opinion regarding the identity of the substance and choose the appropriate field test kid for that drug.

Motion for Additional Discovery | Preliminary Identification of Drugs

Field Drug Testing Field identification of narcotics calls for 3 approaches. Initially, the officer get in touch with for to inspect the substance and make a preliminary identification primarily largely mostly mainly primarily based on his instruction and encounter. For instance a white powder could be regarded as to be cocaine or possibly heroin, a green leafy substance with a pungent odor could be deemed marijuana or […]
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