Third Party Consent to Search

Jurisdiction: Broward County, Florida Troubles: 1) Is the consent of a joint occupant valid subsequent to a refusal to consent by the individual at whom the search is directed? two) Does a joint occupant’s consent to search an location extend to the private home of 1 much more occupant? Significant Instances: State: 1) Silva v. […]

Incompetent to Stand Trial

Incompetent to Stand Trial Definition of    Incompetent to Stand Trial Florida Statute 916.12(1) states that “a defendant is incompetent to proceed inside the which implies of this chapter if the defendant does not have adequate present capability to seek the tips of with her or his lawyer with an affordable degree of rational understanding or if […]

Motion to Release Uncharged Defendant Filing Formal Charges An distinct individual is not charged with a criminal offense when he or she is arrested.  The state attorney critiques all of the proof submitted following the arrest and tends to make a charging option.  The state lawyer can “ file” the charges.  This implies to charge […]