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Lawyer Advertising – The New Trend in Legal Practice with Nader Anise According to Nader Anise in lawyer advertising and marketing and advertising on the net, there are distinct ethical requirements that have to be adhered to by all lawyers. Each single lawyer want to have a really sturdy presence on the web. 1 specific […]

DUI Marijuana

The legal concern surrounding marijuana laws, driving, and car insurance are enough to leave you dazed and confused.Marijuana, Car Insurance coverage, and the Law Driving beneath the influence of marijuana these days is an location of legal ambiguity. It has been the case for decades that driving beneath the influence of marijuana can outcome in […]

Length of Detention | Consent to Search Car Jurisdiction: Wake County, NC Place of Incident: In the vicinity of Raleigh, NC Issues: 1) Did the officer have a reasonably priced suspicion that the Defendant was involved criminal activity to justify extending the length of the visitors stop beyond that of the original enforcement action? two) Was Defendant’s consent to search the vehicle valid consent? Key Case(s): […]

Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Contends that Proposed Changes to DUI Legislation Could Place Users of Health-associated Marijuana at Greater Danger for DUI Prosecution Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Michael Dye claims that customers of healthcare marijuana, charged with DUI, would not be legally permitted to assert the affirmative defense of ‘legal use by prescription’ as offered […]

Drugged Driving Increases as Drunk Driving DeclinesThe nation’s decades-extended campaign to combat drunk driving continues to make our roads safer, but use of marijuana and prescription drugs is increasingly prominent on the highways, creating new security inquiries, according to two research released by the …By on Mon, 09 Feb 2015 07:45:09 -0800