Preliminary Identification of Drugs

When a police officer identifies something that he or she believes to be an illegal drug, visual identification is typically not good enough to make an arrest.  As always, different jurisdictions have different rulings on that topic.  Some jurisdictions say “everybody knows what marijuana looks like” while others still require a field test.  In the […]

Motion to Suppress Handgun

Motion to Suppress Handgun Jurisdiction: Wake County, North Carolina Concerns: 1) Does a BOLO which consists of a description of the incorrect auto the incorrect specific individual give a detective probable trigger to pull far more than a auto when the driver has broken no site guests laws and is not behaving in a suspicious manner? two) […]

No Probable Cause for Lane Weaving Violation | FL Stat 316.089 Motion to Suppress No Probable Outcome in for Targeted site visitors Stop Jurisdiction: County Court, Broward County, Florida Spot of Incident: Coral Springs, FL Issues: Did the police officer have probable trigger to cease defendant’s vehicle for a violation of Florida Statute 316.089(1), failure […]